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Photo © Tom Leentjes


Witch 'n' Monk


Anglo-Colombian duo with flautist and composer Mauricio Velasierra.

"Hard to imagine that voice, guitar and flute could groove so hard and deliver so much." (The Wire)

Witch 'n' Monk Extended

+ Lux:NM [feat. Jim Black]

Witch 'n' Monk meet contemporary music ensemble Lux:NM and drummer Jim Black


Unravelling the Mind

by Witch 'n' Monk

Unravelling the Mind is a multi sensorial experience that uses cutting edge scientific ideas to pose the question: what is intelligence? The show introduces the audience to the problem solving abilities of slime mould, as well as the insight held by indigenous Amazonian plant experts into microbiology and ecology, provoking both wonderment and respect for nature.


‘Unravelling the Mind’ is an artistic response to the climate crisis, that provides a connection between science and the senses, leaving the audience with a new perspective on intelligent life, that places nature and the environment in the centre of our value system.


This work was supported through the Cheltenham Jazz Festival Jerwood Jazz Encounters programme, co-commissioned by Sage Gateshead and supported by Jerwood Arts.

Photo by Mark Savage


by Ari Benjamin Meyers

A Performance by Ari Benjamin Meyers. With: Laura Eichten, Jan Terstegen, Heidi Heidelberg and Carsten Hein

Meyers’s intimate yet intense performance considers codes of power and control. Taking the phenomenon of weather as a starting point, the work investigates predictability (or lack thereof) and the insatiable human need for prognoses, progress and domination over our planet.



A tribute to Robert Wyatt

With members of Wyatt's band: Chris Cutler, Annie Whitehead, Karen Mantler and John Greaves



Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung

Staatsoper Stuttgart

A video game, an opera, a musical challenge

Sieben Stationen vom Himmel durch die Welt zur Hölle

Review: Süddeutsche Zeitung

Twists of HC Andersen

North Sea Jazz Commission by Philipp Rüttgers

For the Composition Assignment Rüttgers takes the listener to revisit fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, giving them voice in a composition entitled Twists Of H.C. Andersen’s Untaped Fairy Tales. He performs with a totally new quintet consisting of musicians with varied backgrounds in jazz, classical, improv, electronic, and Indian music.

Candy Shop

by Lina Lapelyte

Artist Lina Lapelyte borrows the title of a dirty rap hit by 50 Cent for her performance-opera Candy Shop. Transforming the original hip-hop texts, 7 female singers invite the spectator to a collective meditation on power hierarchies, narrating the story about beauty, gender, and the mundane.

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